Romantic Comedies Are For Chicks


Ok look, if you’ve seen my Top 100 Favorite Movies List, then you know I’m not afraid of the Romantic Comedy. I’m all for guys and gals meeting and falling in love. I’m all for the simple movie concept of boy meets girl/boy loses girl/boy gets girl back. I get it.  It’s been the Hollywood standard since we entered the realm of talkies, and probably even before. Heck, I’m not a Shakespearean by any means, but I’m sure that dude had it down pat also.

I come to you today with a beef. I’m speaking today on behalf of the forgotten soul in the romantic comedy. You’ve seen the movies, you know how it works, the hero has to win the girl from the guy who is not right for her, or so he says. He then proceeds to spend 87 minutes of screen time, wooing this damsel into his domain.

But what about the other guy? What about the dude who is marching along with the girl?  First of all, this guy has already won this girl. Sure, it must not have been a story worthy of a screenplay, but at some point in their lives, this boy, met that girl, and they fell in love. But now, because Patrick Dempsey/George Clooney/Brad Pitt/Gerard Butler, et al say so, the damsel dumps the established boyfriend, and saunters off to never never land with the dude with the dazzling jaw line.

Just think guys, we all have our girls now, or at least, some of us do. But you know what, maybe your story is boring, maybe your girl is looking for jaw structure man, maybe she’s ready to set you by the curb, and go off with the next guy that swings through with that superior smile.

I know, I know, it goes both ways. They’re easy to spot, they’re the people in the movie who don’t get their name on the poster. For a lot of them, they’ll never get their name on the poster. They are not the guy who never gets the girl, they’re the guy who’s already GOT the girl, but nobody cares. Worse yet, millions of people eat their Mike & Ike’s while rooting for their heart to break.

So, this post is dedicated to those guys and gals. The ones who’s movies haven’t been written yet. I’m sure there’s another Jennifer Aniston movie out there somewhere, coming soon, where she ends up with the flavor of the month. But right now, that movie hasn’t been written, and she’s with someone, who’s primed and ready to be dumped in Romantic Comedy 2.0.

Please….we’ve seen it….somebody write something else.


5 thoughts on “Romantic Comedies Are For Chicks

  1. Daniele Bushong

    I’m just gonna throw in that Jennifer Aniston WAS with the nobody. His name was…hang on, I gotta go google it….

  2. Daniele Bushong

    Oh yeah…Tate Donavan. So, THAT’s who you’re rooting for? Well, regardless…it does go both ways because then Snake-lady entered the scene. The tatooed, blood-of-vile wearing psycho with the big lips. And she’s the square-jawed one that took away doofus-brains from Jennie A. So, now you’re rooting for Jennifer Aniston. See how that works?
    I think she’s now looking for what she started with. That would be Tate Donavan. He probably never would’ve broken her heart to begin with. Now THAT is a screenplay! It’s called better than the movies!
    Yay for Rom-Coms!

  3. Yes, I’m rooting for Tate Donovan/JoshUA. EXACTLY. When is the last time Tate Donovan had his name on a poster?

    So, you’re saying, all I need to do is write a screenplay where Jennie A leaves Tate Donovan for doofus-brains, who then leaves Jennie A for Snake-lady. Meanwhile, Tate Donovan is just biding his time, waiting for Jennie A to come back to him, and she finally does?

    You think I could get all of them to play themselves, or would I need to cast it?

    Actually, the ideal ending to that story is that when Jennie A finally comes back around to reveal to Tate Donovan that she never shoulda left, he blows her off, and she’s left to find the latest hot rock star of the month who she can bed down. But that don’t work because she gets fed up that he is on twitter too much.

  4. rebecca sparks

    i think you are on to something here… with your writing. you should be one of those movie critique/review guys… a la siskel/ebert/roeper. you already have 100 to start with.
    as far as your above blog post. the grass is not always greener on the other side (aka jaw line guy). so that chick in the romantic comedy will probably have to forever deal with the guilty conscious of regret. now, go write that movie where the “real” guy, wins the girl!

  5. Interesting thoughts, I think the idea behind these romantic comedies is that for the already established couple, they never really truly “fell in love” as Hollywood would have it.
    One romantic comedy type I do not like is the one involving the broken up weddings. Not to say there is not some movie in that category that I like, but still, how are we supposed to root for a couple to get together when it involves someone left at the altar?

    My problem with some modern love stories is that there is not a romantic element, people sleep together THEN then the romance develops, if at all (Sweet November, or whatever it was with Reeves and Therzon). Or, they don’t make the love interest remotely likable (Benjamin Button and Catch and Release fall in this category). I know I sound like an old grandpa, but I believe it’s true.

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