A Blog From 30,000 Feet, Seat 16D


Right now, in our group, there are 18 people, 5 computers, 2 portable DVD players, 14 ipods, 3 iphones, 9 pairs of headphones and 3 Nintendo DS’s.

This is just how forefathers envisioned the family vacation.

We’re spread out over 7 rows, strangers all around. Not sure how far away Vegas is, but we’ll only be there for an hour or so anyway. Estimated guess on how much money will be lost in Vegas, by these 18 people, in those 60 minutes? $146.75.

We’re scheduled to arrive at Burbank at about 2:50pm Pacific Time. My guess, is we’ll be out of the airport by 4.

Then, it’s chase our tail all the way to our rental house in Newport Beach. Once we arrive, and we all fight over who gets what room, and who wants what for dinner, it may be midnight before we eat. But hey, that’s what vacations are all about.

On the agenda tomorrow is a little journey to the Magic Kingdom.

No wonder Jon and Kate split up.


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