Storytime 3.0, The Ultimate Road Trip



‘Twas the Summer of 1994, the grass was green, the wind was hot, and there was a young man, we’ll just call him Beau, who was a strapping, single 21 year old waiter from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It was a wild summer for young Beau, who shared an apartment with 4 friends, sometimes 6, most of which worked at a new, upstart restaurant in Tulsa called, Zio’s. Beau’s manager was his roommate and best friend, so he pretty much got all the good shifts, and none of the bad ones.  When it came to getting time off, that was not a problem for Beau, or any of his roommates.

One of the roomies, we’ll just call him, Jon, had a brother getting married Memorial Day weekend in Detroit, Michigan. Beau conjured up a plan, meticulously checked schedules, arranged transportation, and before you knew it, a Road Trip was born. This would not be just a road trip to a wedding….no, no, no, this would be a road trip, straight from the manual, How to do America, the Right Way. Continue reading


facebook and me, a love story


The internet and I go way back, in fact, I can remember the day I met it. I was sitting in journalism class in college, and I was having a discussion with a friend of mine named Cameron. He asked me if I’d heard about this thing called, The World Wide Web. Immediately, I was curious.

When you hear that term now, World Wide Web, you automatically know what it means. In fact, it’s a little outdated now, and anyone who still calls it that, is a little behind the times. But in that cold, linoleum classroom, in 1995, it sounded fantastic.  Cameron, who was from Orlando, was telling me how great it was, that he could read the Orlando newspaper, all the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma, every morning.  This bummed me out a little bit, because, I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma, so I didn’t need a magic box to help me read it.   Continue reading

Storytime 2.0….A Birthday Party


Once upon a time, there was a little boy, we’ll just call him Beau.

It was October 4, 1978, a Wednesday. The young lad went to school that day, his 6th birthday.

The day began like any other day for a first grader, aside from the fact it was a little easier to stir him from bed. Today, at Macarthur Elementary, in Mrs. House’s class, this young boy would be the center of attention. He didn’t show it, but that meant a lot to him, not so much unlike now actually.  He ate his cheerios, hopped in the car, and just knew that every single kid they passed on the road that day, wished they were him. I mean, how lucky is he? This is the day where he officially becomes a part of the two hands club. That’s right, he now needs two hands to show how old he is, none of this childish one hand garbage.

Continue reading