The Blog You’ve Been Waiting For….


June 26, 2010.  That was the last time this space was updated.  Well, a lot has happened since then to stand in the way of wrighting, that’s what it’s being called nowadays, Wrighting.  Maybe one day I’ll write a book, and the title will be Wrighting, by Bo Wright.

I’m reading a book now, believe it or not, called On Writing. It’s by none other than Stephen King. It’s a non-fiction piece about his life and his philosophy on writing. I recommend it to any other aspiring writers out there.

So anyway, what should we talk about on this day, 2 months and 1 day after the last blog?

I’ve had a lot of time to reminisce recently. My high school reunion was this past weekend, and, for the most part, it was a rousing success.  It was great to see so many familiar faces and hear so many great stories. But you know what?  It was pretty anti-climatic.

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