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June 26, 2010.  That was the last time this space was updated.  Well, a lot has happened since then to stand in the way of wrighting, that’s what it’s being called nowadays, Wrighting.  Maybe one day I’ll write a book, and the title will be Wrighting, by Bo Wright.

I’m reading a book now, believe it or not, called On Writing. It’s by none other than Stephen King. It’s a non-fiction piece about his life and his philosophy on writing. I recommend it to any other aspiring writers out there.

So anyway, what should we talk about on this day, 2 months and 1 day after the last blog?

I’ve had a lot of time to reminisce recently. My high school reunion was this past weekend, and, for the most part, it was a rousing success.  It was great to see so many familiar faces and hear so many great stories. But you know what?  It was pretty anti-climatic.

Facebook has ruined reunions.

My high school reunion wasn’t so much a reunion, as it was, facebook in real life.

I should have gone around tagging people, or poking them. I could have gone from table to table updating my status, informing everyone of what I was currently doing. Imagine the look on the restaurant manager’s face if I had started writing on people’s walls!

Maybe that’s not a bad idea, maybe reunions are passe, maybe facebook IS the new high school reunion, or college reunion, or “remember when we used to work at that hotel together” reunion.

Just like on facebook, you don’t recognize everyone who may recognize you. But, just like on facebook, at a reunion, you accept them anyway. Now, don’t get me wrong, my high school wasn’t all that large, so I did recognize everyone, although it was awkward when I said hello to a former classmate, who, by the way is a facebook friend who often comments on my stuff, and she looked at me like a cow at a new gate. After realizing she had no inkling of a clue who I was, I then introduced myself, “Hi, Bo Wright, pleased to meet you.”  That’s an ego boost right there, when one of the 60 people you graduated with thinks you’re the waiter.

Facebook not only made the reunion easier on the classmates, but even more so, it made it easier for the spouses. My wife had met maybe 5 people in that room in her life. However, they all knew who she was. They all recognized her from facebook. Most, couldn’t believe she actually existed. As it turns out, she wasn’t photoshopped into all of my family pictures. I actually did know her. Likewise, I recognized spouses of classmates, so it made it easier to talk and be comfortable, because there was a familiarity.

If only this had existed when I was IN high school, or college even.  How much more comfortable would I have been walking the halls or the campus, if I already knew I had 597 friends?  I wouldn’t randomly walk past Joe Schmo in the hall, and know nothing about him. No way. Nowadays, I’d know that he had waffles for breakfast and his mom made him watch Aladdin last night. All without talking to him.

I’m not kidding. I was an introvert in my high school/college years. I would have used facebook as a weapon.

I was the public address announcer in college for the basketball games. Imagine how much more fun and interesting that would have been had I had facebook.

“At guard, a 6’1 sophomore from Providence, Rhode Island. He’s not happy with his Econ teacher, but enjoys Led Zeppelin and once ate 14 White Castles in one sitting……….”

I would have been deadly. I could have talked to everyone on campus without actually leaving my dorm room. I could have actually asked my wife on our first date instead of begging the kid from Illinois down the hall if he could do it for me when he has class with her that afternoon.

Better yet, I could have had him ask, while he was in class, and I could have gotten the report from him right then!

How do you crazy kids who are in school right now, get anything done??  I’m convinced, had facebook been around when I was in school, I would have taken 9 years to graduate. That could have gotten expensive.

Anyway, I did not mean to make this whole blog about facebook, I think I’ve done that before, and I apologize. This was supposed to be about my reunion.

I was invited to two high school reunions this year, but only got to go to one. The reason I didn’t push too hard to get to the other one, is, I’m pretty much friends with all those long lost faces on facebook. In fact, I’ve talked to most of them more in the last year or so, than I ever did in junior high.

That being said, reunions are a big deal to me. Old friends are a big deal to me. As kids, we didn’t have a choice about where we grew up. I was friends with who I was friends with, because my parents chose to send me to that school. The kids I knew, were there for the same reason.  We had no choice. In the history of our world, that would be the only people we would ever be able to say, we went to high school with. We were all under this false impression that we had a choice who our friends were, in reality, we were stuck with who we were stuck with.  It’s been that way forever. Our parents grew up playing ball in the sandlots with the other kids in the neighborhood. That’s who they were forced to be friends with. And you know what, that’s awesome.  I love the people I went to school with, they’re all I got.  I have great friends now, but not many share that history with me. That’s what’s great about the reunion. All you have to do is say, “Remember that bus trip to Tennessee?”  And BOOM, you can talk with 9 people about it for an hour and a half.  That’s our history, man.

Here’s the thing that we don’t do though. Here’s the thing that I never think about, and shame on me. But, right now, right this second,  is history too. Right now, I’m working with people, that in 20 years, I’ll share a history with. How will they remember me? Will they remember me?

More importantly, my kids are making friends right now, friends for life, they are sharing history right now, that they’ll keep the rest of their lives. You don’t think it’s important I make sure my kids are where they’re supposed to be and are hanging around who they should be hanging around? Holy Crap! Talk about pressure. What if I move to Indiana or Alaska, or Germany, and one of my son’s never meets the one who was supposed to be his best friend, or his girl friend, or his wife??  Or, what if I DON’T move, and he misses that chance?  Are you serious?

But anyway, yeah the reunion was awesome. I’m glad I went. I’m glad those yardbirds are my history. I’m glad that our histories intertwine.

Thanks mom and dad.


5 thoughts on “The Blog You’ve Been Waiting For….

  1. jody bergman

    From the outside looking in on your reunion I would agree it was a wonderful time, atleast the night I attended. I felt “old”, I felt a little “out of place” but enjoyed meeting your wife and catching up.
    Doing the Alumni Facebook page I completely understand what you are saying. When I see others in real life after catching up on FB it is a little awkward at times, conversations lag, we have already had the big greeting.
    But, personal, face to face meeting is still essential in the age of FB, email, texting. I can get on soap box here but will refrain.
    The bottomline, I hope we never go to virtual renions….nothing compares to making more memories at a very different time in life.
    I can say that I have friends now that I went to high school with but who were not my high school friends….only because we connected through reunions.
    I can’t wait to see you and Amy and the kids again, hopefully at a Victory basketball game in OKC!
    Thank you for all you did to put your reunion together!

  2. Jason

    I have to say both nights were a blast. I also need to add that I’m so glad I had FB, because Bo wasnt there to remind me the first night, or I may not have recognize very many people. You see Bo has been ny walking FB for 20 years, I’ve even sent him FB messages asking him who people are who are friending me. I guess I should have known Bo woul be great at this FB thing from the start. 20 years! Crazy

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