Dear Dad — A Father’s Day Letter


ImageDear Dad,

When I was a kid, you were 100 years old and 100 feet tall.
My world is what you told me it was. Your favorite song, was my favorite song. Your favorite teams, became my favorite teams.
I knew you were my hero, before I knew what a hero was. You were Captain America, Superman, The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine all rolled into one. That’s right, you were Captain SuperHulkerine.
Then, I grew up.
All of the sudden, in my mind, I was smarter than you. You once hung the moon, now, you couldn’t hang with me.
My actions, led to your discipline. Your disciplines, became my rebellion.
It was a seemingly never-ending cycle.
You were the same person. I was the one who was changing.
I didn’t realize that every action, every decision, every word you ever spoke to me, was for my own good.
Because no matter what I said, no matter how stupid I got, you never stopped loving me.
That’s what a dad does.
I don’t like the term “Father’s Day.” Any donor can be a father, it takes years of grit, determination, dedication and tears to truly be a Dad.

Happy Dad’s day, because just being a father, was never enough.


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