My grandpa is AMAZING, and he needs help.


This is my grandpa, Hal Meek.


He is 86 years old, and has lived alone since his wife, my grandma, passed away 5 years ago.

On Sunday, July 7, he was found collapsed on the floor, by my Aunt. He was rushed to the hospital where it was discovered he was suffering from Acute Renal Failure.

The prognosis is, he’ll have to be on dialysis the rest of his life. He can no longer live alone, and he’s not allowed to drive a car.

That is the hand he’s been dealt. But please take a minute, and hear more to the story.

Gpa hospital

My mom with Grandpa.

He is being held in Intensive Care, as he is still receiving treatment. He can’t be released until his home is declared livable. This is the unbelievable part.

Nobody knows how long the bathrooms haven’t been operational at his house in Claremore, Ok. He literally has gotten in his car, and driven to nearby fast food restaurants whenever he’s needed to use the bathroom. 

Grandpa is one of a kind. The sweetest man you’ll ever meet. He doesn’t want to be a burden for anyone, so he’s never asked for help with any of the issues at his house, or with his health.  And now, he needs help for the rest of his life.

Apparently, he’s been attending a small church in Claremore, and has made quite an impression. In fact, at least 3 men from that church have told our family that he could move in with them. These aren’t other 80 somethings. These are men, in their 30’s-50’s.

One 35 year old man told us, “You don’t understand the impact he has made on our lives. We’d do anything for him.”

The church told our family they don’t have much money, but they have a lot of knowledge. They’re donating all the volunteer labor force they have to help bring grandpa’s house up to par.

That’s where we come in.

As a family, we’ve started a fundraising campaign so our friends and family can help redo Grandpa’s bathrooms and bedroom. We want to show him just how much he means to all of us, and that it is not a burden to ask for help, people are more than willing to do so.

I know this is a strange request, and I don’t ever do this, but I figured I’d give everyone an opportunity to donate a couple dollars.

If this doesn’t feel like it’s for you, no worries. I don’t hold anyone to any obligation.

But if you would like to give, follow this link, HAL MEEK, and give whatever you can.

Thank you all so much. I have the best friends and readers in the world.



6 thoughts on “My grandpa is AMAZING, and he needs help.

  1. Bo, I just wrote on your grandpa’s donation site – I don’t know if he’ll see those messages, so I’m reposting here. I hope his spirits are lifted when he sees how many people think so much of him. 🙂 Thanks for sharing his story with your readers.

    “You don’t know me, but I follow your grandson Bo’s blog…you sound like one of my grandparents, and I’m happy to contribute a little something. I know it’s not much, but lots of people giving “not much” adds up to a whole lot! 🙂 Prayers for you and yours – may you feel all of this love pouring out for you and your family and be reminded how much you’re obviously loved!”

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