Order Your Tigernado Tee and Support a Good Cause

Click the Photo to Order This Tshirt!

Click the Photo to Order This Tshirt!

Will Rogers once said, “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait a minute.”

I think our great state needs a new state motto:


On May 6, 2015, Oklahoma City and its surrounding communities faced another once-in-a-lifetime weather situation. This day didn’t bring us F5s, thank God, but it did bring high winds, tornadoes, hail, flash flooding and…tigers on the loose. At least that’s what we were told at approximately 9:45PM, when the Grady County sheriff sent out a tweet that said the Tuttle Tiger Safari had taken damage, and the animals have gotten out of their pens.

For the thousands of people who were already glued to their TVs that night, this presumably dangerous situation took on a comedic feel because of how the news was delivered. The weathermen, who had been tirelessly keeping us informed for hours, stopped talking about damage and hook echoes for just a second to let us know to be alert; tigers and other wild animals may be on the loose in the metro. Then, just as quickly as they brought it up, they went right back into talking about the weather.

You know the weather is bad when wild, predatory monsters are roaming the countryside, but it’s not the most important situation at the moment.

As it turns out, the safari had been hit, but none of the animal pens were ever damaged enough to allow the animals to roam free.

However, at the time, we didn’t know that for certain, and that’s where the story takes off.

This once-in-a-lifetime situation was quickly picked up by the wonderful people of Twitter, and playing off the Sharknado craze, #Tigernado was born.

My wife was playfully jabbing me, “Can’t wait to see what you come up with on this one.”

And it’s true, I was one of those who jumped on this rather early as I immediately began to create a silly movie poster for Tigernado based off of the Sharknado poster.

I had it posted by 10:03PM. It was quickly thrown together and I was just trying to make my friends laugh a little bit. That photo immediately began to get retweeted and shared. By the time I woke up the next morning, it had 3000 shares and climbed for days to about 6000.

It was everywhere. It appeared on the local news and even the Weather Channel. In my haste, I didn’t watermark the picture, because again, I thought I was just going to make my friends laugh a little.

I received several requests to put it on a t-shirt, so that’s what I’m doing, and my good friends at LivyLu have helped me make it look even better!

I know the Tiger Safari and the neighboring communities of Tuttle, Bridge Creek, and Moore took heavy damage, so that’s why I’ve decided that the majority of the proceeds received from this t-shirt will be donated to ServeMoore, to aid in their rebuilding efforts in that community.

Thank you for stopping by to read, and thank you for your donation to the cause. I hope you enjoy the shirt!



30 thoughts on “Order Your Tigernado Tee and Support a Good Cause

  1. Mike Miller

    Just ordered a Tigernado shirt for $20 and shipping charge was $18, is this correct. I can’t imagine it cost that much to ship a t shirt. I know this is for a good cause but that’s crazy.

  2. Eric

    Funny that people in Bridgecreek, just east of Tiger Safari, are suffering from tornado damage from the same storm, and are not getting any proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt.

    Doesn’t anyone else think this is odd?

    Moore has gotten and still gets tons of money… Bridgecreek survivors are still struggling.

    • Serve Moore is an organization that helps all the communities, not just Moore. They are called Serve Moore because they were created following the May 20, 2013 tornadoes. There were 67 homes destroyed on May 6, most of which were in Tuttle and Bridge Creek. Serve Moore is already on the ground and in communication with many of those victims.

  3. JoAnna

    I need to order a Large and they are sold out. Will there be more in this size made?? I wanted to buy it for my boyfriend who lost his home from the tornado that hit Bridgecreek.

  4. krissy

    These are AMAZING! I love LivyLu….i actually grew up with the owner and her lovely kids and husband!! Such a cute idea and i will be lookin to buy one!!

  5. Walter Eskridge

    Will you offer the shirts in the bolder colors and sharper graphics that we originally saw when the picture was first circulating online?

    • Yes. Sorry for the confusion. We’re taking orders through the 25th of May. Then they’ll all be printed all at once when the campaign is over. We do it this way because it gives us a better cost from our printers the more we order at one time, allowing us to give more money to ServeMoore. They should go to print on Monday. Again, I apologize for the confusion.

  6. Jenny Mullen

    Are these really no longer for sale???? I would LOVE to buy a large!! Please let me know if there is anything that can be done! Thank you!

  7. coral smith

    I know I’m late but I would love this! There is another tigernado shirt available, but I prefer this one. Please let me know.

  8. Jacqui

    I got my shirts in the mail and have gotten a lot of comments about it. Is there a chance there will be another opportunity to order the shirt?

    • That’s awesome! There might be if demand is high enough. And it is getting there for sure. Subscribe to this blog or follow me on twitter to stay updated. Also, use #TeamTigernado to post pics of people wearing the shirt! Thanks for your support!

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