Bo Wright

Hi. I’m just a normal dude, married to a hot chick, with two sparkling children, living in Oklahoma City, OK. I’m a writer, director, producer and social media brand manager trying to make people, laugh, cry, or throw up, you know, because those are the three basic emotions. Back in 2006, I won a Best Documentary award at the New York International Film and Video Festival for a feature length documentary I wrote, produced and directed called, The Oklahoma Heismen. It was a feature profiling the, at that time, 4 Heisman Trophy winners at the University of Oklahoma. They’ve since added another one, Sam Bradford, in 2008. It was narrated by 4 time Academy Award Nominee, Ed Harris. Image

Since then, I have been employed by Victory Church in Oklahoma City, producing television and managing social media.

On the side, I follow my boys around to all their sporting events. That’s almost a full time job all by itself. I coached my oldest son’s football and basketball teams for 4 years, and am currently coaching my younger son’s basketball team.

I love to write. It’s a passion of mine. I just need to make the time to do it. Like every other aspiring writer, I am working on a short story, that I’d love to publish, or maybe even form into a screenplay.

If you’re a publisher, or a studio type out there, LET’S TALK!

In the meantime, you can follow me on twitter (@bo_wright), or on Facebook.

And please subscribe to this blog to keep updated on what’s going on in my crazy world.


Bo Wright


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