#Tigernado Was a Success! Thank You!


KFOR Tigernado


All of our Tigernado shirts are sold out!

Thanks everyone who ordered the shirt and supported a great cause, Serve Moore. Thanks to Lance West and KFOR in Oklahoma City for helping really launch this campaign into the public eye.

And a HUGE thanks to my dear friend, Tiffany Riley and her unbelievable team at LivyLu. First they took my amateur design and turned it into not just a cool novelty shirt, but an attractive designer tee. Then, they put the shirt on their website and are processing through all the orders, including packaging them for shipping.

If you are not familiar with LivyLu’s clothing line, do yourself a favor and check them out, I’m sure you’ll find something on there you HAVE to have. www.shoplivylu.com

I will be delivering a check to Serve Moore, probably the 2nd week of June.

It was a fun ride. I’m glad the tigers are safe, now let’s pray it will stop raining some time soon in Oklahoma and Texas. We’ve had enough.

Thanks again everyone for making Tigernado a HUGE success.


Order Your Tigernado Tee and Support a Good Cause

Click the Photo to Order This Tshirt!

Click the Photo to Order This Tshirt!

Will Rogers once said, “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait a minute.”

I think our great state needs a new state motto:


On May 6, 2015, Oklahoma City and its surrounding communities faced another once-in-a-lifetime weather situation. This day didn’t bring us F5s, thank God, but it did bring high winds, tornadoes, hail, flash flooding and…tigers on the loose. At least that’s what we were told at approximately 9:45PM, when the Grady County sheriff sent out a tweet that said the Tuttle Tiger Safari had taken damage, and the animals have gotten out of their pens.

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A Thank You to a Woman Saving Haiti, One Child at a Time.


Three years ago, almost to the day, I visited our friends at Danita’s Children in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. It changed my life.

Click on the photo to read the blog I wrote about them.


A Doozy of a Blog- Haiti Trip Edition, February 2011

I promise it’s worth your time to read, even if you skip reading the rest of this one.

I just wanted to take a break from my normal foolishness and celebrate them. They are changing and affecting a country like nobody else, in any other country, anywhere.

Since my visit there three years ago, the hospital, on their campus, has been completed. Ouanaminthe, is isolated. It’s on the border of the Dominican Republic, but it’s HOURS from any true civilization. HOURS from medical help, until now.

danitaWhat Danita Estrella Watts has done in that town has changed the course of that country forever. 15 years ago she moved there with really no idea of how to do what she wanted to do. And today, 15 years later, she’s outdone her wildest imaginations.

Her orphanage houses hundreds of kids who were living, or more to the point, dying on the streets before they found her rescue.

She has a school, a church, and now, a children’s hospital.

This town’s children were dying. And most of them were dying because when they got sick, they couldn’t receive proper medical attention. Ouanminthe used to be 3 hours from the nearest hospital. Now, they’re 3 minutes away from a children’s medical center which houses a full time Haitian doctor, nurse and dentist.

There aren’t many people of Ouanaminthe with blogs who can reach out and say thank you to Danita and her team, so I’m doing it for them.

Please take five minutes to read the blog I linked above, and then, another five minutes to watch this tribute video created for Danita’s 15th anniversary.

If you would like more information on how you can help Danita and Danita’s children, please visit, DanitasChildren.org.

Dear 13-Year-Old Me: It’s Gonna Be All Right

Justin Bieber

Bonus Advice: You don’t always look as cool as you think you do.

As my own 13 year old enters the 8th grade, I think about how important EVERYTHING seemed at that age, and how trivial that is to me now.

It doesn’t seem like too long ago that I was in his shoes. Although, I think his feet are bigger than mine were at that age. At 13, I thought I knew it all, and I thought I had seen it all. Looking back on it now, of course, that is very much not true.

So I am going to give you this gift. A gift of foresight. I want you to look at this list, and study it, and realize, it’s all going to be OK.
8 things I wish I could tell my 13 year old self.

God Bless America




Today is the day we celebrate our independence. It’s a freedom most of us have never actually picked up a weapon and fought for, and freedom is the only thing any of us has ever known. In this country, we spend the other 364 days of the year fighting each other trying to prove that our own rights are more important than other’s. In the end, I have every right to be me, as much as you have to be you. And today, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord….and eat hot dogs. God Bless America.