#Tigernado Was a Success! Thank You!


KFOR Tigernado


All of our Tigernado shirts are sold out!

Thanks everyone who ordered the shirt and supported a great cause, Serve Moore. Thanks to Lance West and KFOR in Oklahoma City for helping really launch this campaign into the public eye.

And a HUGE thanks to my dear friend, Tiffany Riley and her unbelievable team at LivyLu. First they took my amateur design and turned it into not just a cool novelty shirt, but an attractive designer tee. Then, they put the shirt on their website and are processing through all the orders, including packaging them for shipping.

If you are not familiar with LivyLu’s clothing line, do yourself a favor and check them out, I’m sure you’ll find something on there you HAVE to have. www.shoplivylu.com

I will be delivering a check to Serve Moore, probably the 2nd week of June.

It was a fun ride. I’m glad the tigers are safe, now let’s pray it will stop raining some time soon in Oklahoma and Texas. We’ve had enough.

Thanks again everyone for making Tigernado a HUGE success.


Order Your Tigernado Tee and Support a Good Cause

Click the Photo to Order This Tshirt!

Click the Photo to Order This Tshirt!

Will Rogers once said, “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait a minute.”

I think our great state needs a new state motto:


On May 6, 2015, Oklahoma City and its surrounding communities faced another once-in-a-lifetime weather situation. This day didn’t bring us F5s, thank God, but it did bring high winds, tornadoes, hail, flash flooding and…tigers on the loose. At least that’s what we were told at approximately 9:45PM, when the Grady County sheriff sent out a tweet that said the Tuttle Tiger Safari had taken damage, and the animals have gotten out of their pens.

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The Story of How I Caused Oklahoma to Lose to Texas



My bizarro weekend, i.e., the reason OU lost to Texas.

It started off when Bethany Public Schools made the decision to not have Fall Break land on OU/Texas weekend. This meant we couldn’t leave early, we had to wait for the kids to get out of school.

Then, I made a critical wardrobe mistake. The last two years, I wore an OU Tshirt to dinner on Friday night in Dallas, and an OU Polo to the game.

This year, I’ve got a new dri-fit Tshirt that I wanted to wear during the game, because it was going to be hot and it would be more comfortable. So, I did the polo on Friday, Tshirt on Saturday. Continue reading

Rising from the Rubble….Casey’s Tornado Story


I have a friend named Casey.

I first met Casey in the Spring of 2000. I was a 27 year old unemployed new father.

In order to not be a complete deadbeat for my wife and new baby boy, I decided it would probably be the decent thing to do, if I went ahead and got a job.

So, as a young man, with a college degree in broadcast journalism, who had zero television stations knocking down my door, I decided to wait tables.

I took a job at a popular restaurant in Norman, Oklahoma called Charleston’s. Casey was one of the first people I met. In fact, I’m pretty sure she was assigned to me as a trainer.

Here I am, 27, college educated, being trained by a snotty nosed college sophomore. Just in case you wondered, humble pie is thick, and it tastes like chicken strips.

Truthfully, Casey was not snotty nosed, to the best of my recollection anyway, but she was nice. Casey and I worked there together until I left in 2002.

I haven’t seen her since.

Until today.

You see, my friend Casey, lost her home in the May 20th tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. She’s no longer at that restaurant waiting tables, she too, now has a college degree, and a good job at a local recycling company.

But she has no home.

What she does have, is the heart of a frickin’ lion. Continue reading

This is Real Life



I’m 40 years old. I’ve lived in the great state of Oklahoma for all of about 3 of those. I’ve seen roughly 87,000,000 tornado warnings, but never seen one tornado in person. Not only that, I’ve never known anyone personally, who lost a home in a twister. Until this week. Continue reading

Good Job, Teach



I freely admit it. I’ve taken teachers for granted. Sure, as a kid, you wanted the ones that weren’t too hard on you when you screwed up, or maybe
the ones who never noticed when you did.
As a parent, you merely hope they will turn your children into the smartest kids in town. We look at state rankings of schools and hope ours is smarter than that dumb school down the street. Because, by God, my kid needs to have a good job someday so I’m not supporting them till they’re 35. Continue reading