In other news, I’ve decided to write a book



So, what’s happening today? Well, I’ve decided to write a book. Actually, I’ve had an idea for a book/screenplay for about 10 years now, and up till now, I’ve always let something get in the way. Not anymore. To keep myself accountable, I’m sharing this with you all. In order to keep my blog separate from the goings on of the book, I will be documenting my book progress, including videos and status updates, exclusively on my 5 Minutes of Your Life facebook page.   Of course, I can’t give too many details, I don’t want to spoil the book for you! But, I will answer questions about the process, and probably even ask questions too. I know this particular post will most likely only be seen by those followers of my blog, so I wanted to give you a chance to also follow my facebook page, in order to keep up to speed with the book. Aside from this post, I most likely will not refer to it much on this blog site until there is a substantial progress report. I will say, the book will be written in a similar voice that my blog is written, except, it will be fiction. Also, just to ease your worries, no vampires will make appearances in said book.

Thanks everyone.

Any questions?